New Life Nepal has been engaging in various programme and initiatives around MGDs and Post 2015 development agenda for long. Recently, being selected as one of the partners by CIVICUS, NFN has launched multi-stakeholder programme known as Sustainable Development 2015 (SD 2015) for Nepal. The programme which is implemented jointly by CIVICUS and Stakeholder Forum, in collaboration with UNDESA intends to conduct global deliberations on and around the SDGs and post 2015 development agenda in different countries.


The objective of this national campaign is to engage entire development actors in the country including government, international agencies, CSOs, experts and media on the agenda of Post 2015 and SDGs and to influence the government so that the key policy demands of civil society could be incorporated in government’s policies and system.

Expected results

Capacity of stakeholders in comprehending SDGs and post 2015 intergovernmental agenda strengthened at local and national level.

Consensus built on inclusive agenda regarding post 2015 on behalf of CSOs at national level.

Government and other key stakeholders sensitized regarding ongoing global deliberation on post 2015 agendas.

A national advocacy plan formulated and operated.


April 2014-February 2014


Euro 3750

Key Activities

Holding national level multi-stakeholder preliminary discussion programme, local level multi-stakeholder preliminary discussion programme, organizing national workshop to share ideas, opinions, experiences and reflections of local level deliberations, preparing advocacy plan and submitting suggestion paper to the government are the some of the activities under this campaign.

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