Name: Apsara ShresthaGender: femaleAge: 18Ethnicity: Hindu

Apsara Shrestha is an 18-year-old female living in New Life Nepal who has been diagnosed with severe autism. Apsara requires constant support and care due to her condition, and the dedicated staff at New Life Nepal work tirelessly to ensure that she receives the best possible care. Apsara is a resident of the day care facility where she receives therapy and assistance with her daily activities. Her condition has made it challenging for her to communicate, but with the help of trained professionals, she is gradually learning to express herself.

Despite the challenges that come with her condition, Apsara is a sweet and affectionate young woman who enjoys spending time with the other children at New Life Nepal. She is particularly fond of music and responds well to songs and rhythmic beats. Her favorite activity is dancing, and she often dances along with the other children during group activities. The staff at New Life Nepal have noticed a significant improvement in Apsara’s overall mood and behavior since she began her therapy and treatment at the facility. With continued support and care, they hope to help her reach her full potential and lead a happy and fulfilling life.