Name: Aric MunikarGender: maleAge: 17Ethnicity: Christian

Aric Munikar is a 15-year-old male with RELD (neuro-developmental disability) Down Syndrome, classified as mild. He is one of the children living at New Life Nepal, receiving care, support, and education. Aric has been staying at NLN for some time now and has shown significant progress in his development. Despite his condition, Aric is an active and enthusiastic child who loves to play and engage in recreational activities. He also shows interest in learning and attends NLN’s educational program with dedication.

At NLN, Aric is provided with specialized care and support tailored to his needs, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. He also participates in various group activities, including music and dance therapy, art therapy, and outdoor sports. The staff and caregivers at NLN ensure that Aric receives a nurturing and safe environment to develop his skills and reach his full potential. With the help of NLN, Aric is on the path to becoming an independent and confident young adult.