Name: Babu TamangGender: maleAge: 14Ethnicity: Buddhist

Babu Tamang, a 14-year-old male child living in New Life Nepal, has been diagnosed with RELD (Neuro-developmental disability) with severe ADHD. His condition requires close attention and care, as he often displays hyperactive and impulsive behavior that makes it difficult for him to stay focused and complete tasks.

Despite these challenges, Babu is a bright and energetic child who loves to play and explore his surroundings. With the support and guidance of the dedicated staff at New Life Nepal, Babu is making progress in managing his ADHD symptoms and is learning new skills to help him cope with his condition. Through a combination of behavioral therapies, medication, and structured routines, Babu is slowly but surely improving his ability to concentrate, follow instructions, and control his impulses.

At New Life Nepal, Babu is given a safe and nurturing environment where he can grow and thrive despite his disabilities. The staff works tirelessly to ensure that he receives the best possible care and attention, and they are committed to helping him reach his full potential. Through their efforts, Babu has the opportunity to live a life that is full of love, joy, and endless possibilities, and to become the best version of himself.