Name: Kushal NLNGender: maleAge: 13Ethnicity: Hindu

Kushal NLN is a 13-year-old male child who has been diagnosed with severe Autism. He is one of the residents of New Life Nepal (NLN) who receives care and support from the organization. Despite his condition, Kushal is an active and curious child who enjoys exploring his surroundings.

Kushal’s Autism affects his ability to communicate and interact with others, and he has difficulty with social interactions and forming relationships. However, with the help of NLN, Kushal has been able to make progress in developing his communication and social skills. NLN provides him with a safe and supportive environment where he can receive the care and attention he needs to thrive.

The staff at NLN work closely with Kushal to develop his communication skills, and they use a variety of strategies and techniques to help him express himself. They also provide him with structured activities that are designed to help him develop his social skills and interact with others in a positive way. With the help of NLN, Kushal is able to learn and grow, and he has the opportunity to reach his full potential.