Name: Manju PokhrelGender: femaleAge: 13Ethnicity: Hindu

Manju Pokhrel is a 13-year-old girl living at New Life Nepal. Unlike many of the other children in the center, Sanju does not have any specific disabilities or medical conditions. She attends regular classes at a local school and is currently in grade 7.

The team at New Life Nepal has been working hard to ensure that Sanju receives the best possible care and support. They provide her with regular counseling and emotional support to help her deal with the trauma of being abandoned and provide her with a safe and secure environment where she can thrive. Additionally, they work closely with her school to ensure that she receives the education and resources she needs to succeed academically. Through the love and care provided by the team at New Life Nepal, Sanju has been able to overcome the challenges she has faced and is now a happy and thriving young girl.