Name: Micheal NLNGender: maleAge: 13Ethnicity: Christian

Micheal NLN is a 13-year-old male living in New Life Nepal. He is affected by both Autism and blindness, making his condition particularly challenging. Despite his condition, Micheal is a very lively and cheerful boy. The New Life Nepal team works hard to provide Micheal with specialized care and support. They have developed a personalized care plan to cater to his unique needs, ensuring that he receives the attention and care he deserves.

The team at New Life Nepal has been working tirelessly to help Micheal overcome his challenges and make the most out of his life. They provide him with specialized therapy and training, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy, among others. The team is dedicated to helping Micheal lead a fulfilling life, and their efforts have shown remarkable results. Through their dedicated work, Micheal has shown remarkable progress, demonstrating that with proper care and support, children with neuro-developmental disabilities can lead meaningful lives.