Name: Nischhal TamangGender: maleAge: 5Ethnicity: Christian

Nischhal Tamang is a five-year-old boy living in New Life Nepal. He is affected by severe cerebral palsy, which makes his movements and coordination extremely challenging. As a result, he requires constant care and support from the dedicated team at New Life Nepal. Despite his challenges, Nischhal is a happy and cheerful child, and his infectious smile brightens up the day of everyone around him.

At New Life Nepal, Nischhal receives specialized care and attention to help him overcome his challenges. The team works with him on a personalized care plan that caters to his unique needs. They provide him with physiotherapy and other forms of specialized care to help him improve his mobility and coordination. Nischhal’s progress has been remarkable, and the team is proud of the strides he has made under their care. Through their dedicated efforts, Nischhal has been able to lead a meaningful life, despite his condition, and he continues to inspire everyone around him with his resilience and spirit.