Name: Simran TamangGender: femaleAge: 7Ethnicity: Buddhist

Simran Tamang is a seven-year-old girl living in New Life Nepal. She is a bright and curious child who loves to learn and explore her surroundings. Despite her young age, Simran is a hardworking student and has shown remarkable progress in her studies. She is currently enrolled in the UKG class and enjoys spending time with her classmates and teachers.

Simran is a healthy child with no significant medical conditions. However, like many children in the New Life Nepal community, she comes from a disadvantaged background and faces numerous challenges. Fortunately, the New Life Nepal team provides her with the necessary support and resources to help her succeed. They offer her access to quality education, nutritious meals, and a safe and nurturing environment. With the team’s help, Simran is well on her way to reaching her full potential and achieving her dreams.