Name: Sisir TamangGender: maleAge: 15Ethnicity: Buddhist

Sisir Tamang is a 15-year-old male child living in New Life Nepal. He is affected by cerebral palsy, which severely limits his ability to move and communicate. Despite his challenges, Sisir is a very cheerful and active child who enjoys spending time with his friends and participating in activities that stimulate his mind and body. The New Life Nepal team works hard to provide Sisir with specialized care and support. They have developed a personalized care plan to cater to his unique needs, ensuring that he receives the attention and care he deserves.

The team at New Life Nepal provides Sisir with a range of services, including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. They work tirelessly to help him overcome his limitations and achieve his full potential. With their dedicated support, Sisir has shown remarkable progress and has become more confident and independent. The New Life Nepal team is committed to helping Sisir lead a meaningful life and continue to support him in every way possible.