Name: Somya PrasainGender: maleAge: 17Ethnicity: Hindu

Sagar Pokhrel is a 17-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with RELD (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Disorder) along with Down Syndrome. He is one of the children residing at New Life Nepal, an NGO established in 2014, that provides a home to children with different neuro-developmental disabilities. Sagar requires constant care and attention due to his condition. He has difficulties in communicating effectively, and his cognitive abilities are limited, which affects his overall development. However, he is a cheerful boy who enjoys spending time with his peers and caretakers at the NGO.

At New Life Nepal, Sagar is provided with a safe and supportive environment, which enables him to engage in activities that promote his growth and development. The NGO’s team of professionals and volunteers work together to provide him with the care and resources he needs. Sagar receives regular physical therapy and speech therapy, which helps him improve his muscle tone and communication skills. He is also encouraged to participate in various recreational and educational activities, such as art therapy and music therapy, which help him express himself and develop his creativity. New Life Nepal has provided Sagar with a loving and nurturing environment that has helped him thrive despite his disabilities, and he continues to make progress under the guidance and care of the dedicated team at the NGO.