Member Since 1St April 2021

Since joining New Life Nepal on April 1, 2021, my journey has been a dynamic blend of roles, each adding a unique layer to my experience. As a content manager, I’ve had the privilege of weaving impactful stories that resonate with our audience, shedding light on the transformative work we do. Simultaneously, my role as a social media manager has allowed me to harness the digital realm’s potential, engaging our community and fostering connections that amplify our mission. Delving into the intricacies of financial management as an accountant, I’ve ensured the integrity of our financial processes, laying a foundation of transparency and efficiency.

Now, transitioning into the role of secretary, I’m poised to bring my multifaceted expertise to the forefront. From overseeing administrative tasks to facilitating seamless communication channels, I’m committed to upholding the organizational values and driving forward our shared vision. With a deep-rooted dedication to New Life Nepal’s cause, I eagerly embrace this opportunity to further contribute to our collective impact and usher in positive change.